The side of Jesus we dont always see

The Gospel According to the book of John: The side of Jesus we don’t always see

The side of Jesus we dont always see

We know Jesus as love, but what is there is a side of Jesus we don’t always see. Let’s dive in here.

When we started the first chapter of the book of John, we can see that the main focus is about who Jesus is. He is the co-creator with God; He is the light. We also see Him as someone who is loving, gentle, and one who forgives – this is good.

But as we continue our study in chapter 2, we will not see the love and gentleness of Jesus; instead, we will see His anger. What could have made Him angry? What made such an emotion (anger) stir up in His heart?

In Chapter 2, John begins with the first miracle Jesus has done at the wedding at Cana. After that event, Jesus and His disciples went to Capernaum (around 20 miles away from Cana) and stayed there with Jesus’ mother and brothers for a few days. Capernaum will soon be the place where He will perform many miracles and speak at the synagogue.

But then Jesus left Capernaum because despite the miracles He has done there, many people still had unbelief. Even Jesus’ own brothers did not believe Him to be the Messiah.

Now in present times, we, as Christians, should not assume that our children would also become Christians when they grow up. Christian parents should be intentional in teaching their children about God and Jesus.

The Jewish Passover (John 2:13)


Jesus and His disciples went up to Jerusalem (around 100 miles from Cana) for the Jewish Passover. This was an annual observance of their ancestors’ deliverance from Egypt.

All male Israelites aged 12 onwards were required to go to Israel and visit the temple to celebrate Passover. Many Israelites near and far traveled to Jerusalem for this. 

As time passed, the Jewish Passover became a passive celebration where the spiritual context was no longer there. For one, the Israelites didn’t bother to raise, take care of the required animals and carry them all the way to Jerusalem for sacrifice because they can buy one at the temple grounds.

What would have been a time for them to remember what God did for them in Egypt was made into a shortcut. Deep gratitude and commemoration of what God has done would have taken place. Instead, they could just buy the sacrificial animals according to their background and offer them to the temple. 

Another is that the Court of the Gentiles has become the place where the selling of animals and exchanging of currencies took place. Gentiles who wanted to know more about God and wanted to pray to God could not concentrate anymore with all the animal noises and clinking of coins.

What would have been a place for them to meet God became a place full of distraction.

The sad thing about this was that the Jewish leaders were part of this. 

Jesus’ Righteous Anger (John 2:14-17)

When Jesus and his disciples came to the temple, He was outraged by what He had seen. He drove both people and animals out, turning over tables and scattering coins.

This is not the Jesus we are accustomed to seeing: the gentle and loving Jesus. We must remember that Jesus is God in the flesh entering the temple, and when He saw the actions and attitudes of the people in the temple that lessened worship, He was filled with righteous anger that He did what He has done.

What was wrong with what the people were doing? What could have caused this righteous anger to arise in Christ’s heart?

The Roots of Christ’s Anger

1. Religious Irreverence

This means that though the person may seem to be worshipping, there is no real reverence in God inside his heart. And if this attitude towards worship goes on, they will be sufficiently desensitized to the greatness and holiness of God. The manner of service we give to God is affected by how we revere Him.

If you notice in the temple grounds, many people proclaim about God, but in practice, they deny the reality of God. The place of worship became the place of profit. And the rituals weighed more than the reality of God.

2. His love for the Father

Psalm 69:9 says, “For zeal for your house consumes me, and the insults of those who insult you fall on me.”

Whatever made the heavenly Father angry also made the Son angry. This is not just any kind of anger – this is righteous anger.

Application in Our Own Lives


1. Corporate Worship is important.

God wants us to worship him together. The way we worship reveals the way we think about God. When we gather together to worship Him, we make God known to the whole world and in the spiritual realm. In truly worshipping Him, we have the privilege of meeting God and that’s when we are fully and completely satisfied. We are touched by our Creator.

When we gather together on Sundays, who or what becomes the focus of your worship? We must remember that true and pure worship focuses on God alone.

2. We are the temple of God

In John 2: 18-22, Jesus’ authority was questioned by the Jewish leaders. They were more focused on having a good life rather than having a good heart. But Jesus’ answer showed them that He is the temple and that he will die, but will rise again after 3 days.

They will not be able to fully understand this until Jesus’ resurrection. Colossians 2:9-10 states that:

9 For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, 10 and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.”

Jesus said that He is the temple, and since we are in Him, we too have become the temples of God. See the Bible verses below.

1 Cor 3:16 says;

“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?”

2 Cor 6:16;

16 What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said:

“I will live with them
    and walk among them,
I will be their God,
    and they will be my people.”

Come as you are – Live as you should

Throughout the gospel of John, we can see that anyone can come to Christ. No matter who you are or what you have done – as long as you know something is wrong with your life and you desire freedom, you can always come to Christ.

But when you do come to Christ, be assured that He will not allow you to remain as you are. You have become His temple and He will cleanse your heart from all the clutter that may be defiling or corrupting the temple courts. He will remove anything that would hinder you from doing true and pure worship.

When we as individuals, pray, read, and meditate on His word every day as our personal worship, we can come together in corporate worship with one heart and one voice, in genuine reverence of His holy presence.

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Importance of teaching our kids

The Importance of Teaching Our Kids the Word of God

Importance of teaching our kids

“Train up a child the way he should go, and when he grows old, he will never depart from it” – Proverbs 22:6. – The importance of teaching our kids.

This is quite a popular verse, especially when it comes to the topic of parenting. When someone asks for advice on how we should discipline our kids or raise up our children, this is definitely the go-to verse for most of us.

But what does this really mean? How deep does this go in our lives?

Why do we see pastor’s children go astray when they grew up in the word of God? Why do we see “Christians” who’ve turned against the will of God when they grew up in the faith?

Does it mean their parents didn’t teach them the way they should go? Or that the Word of God is no use for them?

Let me tell you a story about how this verse became true to the life of a man named Matthew and his sister, Mae.

We can all be lost – even the strongest

the importance of teaching our kids
Matthew grew up in a Christian family. His father is a very Christ-centered and good man. His mother is also a strong believer who works in the ministry with his father. They are both strong and faithful Christians and very good people, too. Whenever they see someone in need, they are ready to help, even if it means having less than what they need. And because of this, they were blessed.

They were not super-rich, but God blessed his mom and dad with jobs that can supply their needs and sometimes, their wants.

Matthew has an older sister, Mae and they both grew up going to church every Sunday. They even participated in church ministries.

Mae was gifted with the gift of singing and so, she became part of the church worship team. Matthew, on the other hand, grew a passion for learning the drums. And so, he practiced with the musicians and soon became part of the music team.

They were also both going to a Christian school and were surrounded by believers. Everything was going well.

But not until Mae started high school. And soon after, Matthew followed her, too. It was when their paths began to go the wrong way.

The influence of the world

the importance of teaching our kids

Let’s continue the story. Mae, who grew up beautiful and with talents, started to discover the joy of worldly things and desires. It was not long before she started going out with friends, joining pageants, and getting into the wrong relationships.

Matthew, on the other hand, got new friends, non-believers, and had learned the ways of the world. He started drinking out with friends, smoking, and cutting classes. He started to get into trouble.

All of these were happening in the background, even though they still go to church every Sunday. Their parents tried their best to remind Mae and Matthew with love, about the word of God and how that God wants the best for them.

Every Sunday, they heard the word of God, but it seemed like their hearts grew callous that it doesn’t penetrate to their hearts anymore. And they continued with their worldly ways.

Their parents, however, didn’t stop reminding them and praying for them – keeping faith that God will reveal himself to them, at the right time.

The seeds of faith can still grow in the dark

the importance of teaching our kids

And it wasn’t long before Matthew found his way back.

One evening, while he was drinking out with friends, he got really wasted. They were all wasted and drunk and can barely get up.

So there they are, almost dead-drunk, and out of nowhere, one of them talked about God and what they believe in. A drunk man, talking about God. Well, that may not be very unusual.

However, it was at this moment that Matthew remembered everything. It was at this state of his mind that he remembered everything that was taught to him, about the love of God. About how God is always there for those who call on Him. He remembered his parents praying for him and telling him how much God loves him.

It was at this moment that he found his way back to God. And since then, he started back to the path where he began, before he lost his way.

As for his sister, Mae. She got into a very toxic relationship and went on for a few years. It came to a point where she tried to take her own life and was rushed to the hospital for overdosing.

And during this moment, God revealed Himself to her – showing her what “unconditional and true love” is. And it wasn’t long before that God showed her the right man for her.

The importance of teaching our kids the Word of God

the importance of teaching our kids

What can we get from this story? What does it mean to us, personally?

As we relate this story to our key verse, we can see these four points. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Point #1: The Word of God is like a seed.

We have heard this and we fully know that it is true. The word of God is like a seed. To anyone who hears it, there’s a possibility for it to grow. This is the power of words. And actually, it’s not just the word of God that has that kind of power.

Even words coming out of our mouth has their own ability to make or break someone. As the Bible said, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue. – Proverbs 18:21.

This is why we have to be careful of the words that come out of our mouths.

Point #2: Children are sponges – they absorb everything

Now, take point 1 and connect this to point 2.

We’ve heard about this before – children are like sponges; they have the ability to absorb everything. They learn so easily from what they see, hear or observe.

This is why we have always been told to be careful what we say or do in front of children because they can take in everything.

And this is the same with teaching them the Word of God. Whatever, they hear or see, as we teach them the word of God, it remains on them. It gets imprinted in their hearts and minds. And even though they tend to put it in the back of their minds, as more things come in, it’s still there, in their subconscious – waiting for a trigger, for a moment to remember them again.

Point #3: As children grow, they are influenced by different factors.

We’ve seen this all the time. No matter how much we protect our children, time will come when they would need to go out to the world. And it’s very scary for us parents.

This is the very reason why a lot of children, even though they grew up in Christian families, find themselves lost in the world. They get influenced by their peers, classmates, schoolmates, workmates, and just about everyone else.

And even though we thought them the Word of God and what God wants, there is still a big possibility of them experimenting and finding things out for themselves. The words we tell them would never make sense to them right there and then.

Point #4: Not lost forever

So, what’s the use of teaching them the Word of God if they will just end up forgetting it and still doing the opposite of what we teach them?

We all have read about the story of the Prodigal Son. And if we did, we would understand that they can be lost for a moment but they will not be lost forever – not when they have the Word of God.

The same thing that happened to Matthew and Mae happened to a lot of us.

When we were younger, someone told us about the Word of God or prayed for us, and then we forgot about it. But when we were at our darkest, lowest, and humblest moments, that’s when it presents itself again.

This is the seed that was planted. The message that remained in our subconscious. The things that we were taught before we were influenced by the world.

God will reveal Himself to those who know Him

the importance of teaching our kids

The word of God is never lost forever to someone who knows or knew it.

Even though these kids will eventually get lost or astray, God will reveal Himself again to them when the time comes.

The things that we teach them when they were kids have a way of finding their way to manifest in the lives of these children, as they grow older.

And so, this is the importance of teaching our kids the word of God. It is so that they would not depart from it. It is so that, even if they get lost, they can find their way back.

Matthew and Mae found their way back. Most of us found our way back. And it is because of the Word of God that we learned as we were growing up.

God’s Word for Kids

As we understand the importance of teaching the Word of God to our children, our Jesus Reigns Ministries Vallejo church started the “God’s Word for Kids” live Bible classes.

This became very helpful for children who are stuck at home during the pandemic. With the goal of teaching our children the word of God, JRM churches in the US and Canada worked together to put up Live videos each week with lessons from the Bible, arts and crafts, and a lot of fun and exciting activities.

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See you there!

love and grace

The Gospel according to John – The greatness of God’s love and grace

love and grace

God’s love and grace – this is what Jesus showed on the cross. – John 1

How much do you know Jesus Christ? Do you know Him enough to build a relationship with Him – to trust your life with Him?
Do you know Him enough to let Him love you, scars and all? In retrospect, what is your personal take as far as the word Jesus Christ is concerned?
Now, if we look closely, there is a difference between knowing about Jesus, and knowing Jesus – having knowledge about Him, and having a relationship with Him.
So, how do we move from just mere knowledge to a relationship?
We read the Bible. We study it. Why? Because the more you read and know about Jesus, the bigger He is in your life.
As Pastor Serge said,
“Your maturity, commitment, and willingness to be a disciple largely depends on how deep and wide your knowledge is of Jesus Christ.”
Pastor Serge invites us to study the book of John. In the other 3 gospels, the authors focused on what Jesus taught and did, while in the gospel of John, it focuses on who Jesus is.

As we start the sermon series on the gospel of John, we pray that you will know Jesus on a deeper, more personal level. And may this bring you to a wonderful relationship with Him.

The Greatness of Christ (vv. 1-3)

Among the four gospels, John started with “In the beginning was the Word…”- a parallel to Genesis 1:1.
When God created everything, He only needed to speak for creation to happen. Everything took place because of the Word of God. Now John uses the “Word” as the same level as Jesus Christ.
This describes Jesus as identical to God and co-creator with God. This teaches us that –
  • Jesus pre-existed with God.
  • God was with Jesus.
  • Jesus was God.

What Jesus taught, and what He did, are tied inseparably to who He is.

John teaches us that Jesus is the “Word” of God, using the Greek word ‘logos’ (Logos means word, discourse, or reason).
Jesus is the message from God, in a language we all understand: RELATIONSHIP.
Right from the very beginning, God wanted to have a relationship with us. And through His Word, God wanted to reach out to us.

The Greatness of Christ’s love (vv. 4-9)

Ever since the beginning of time, Christ has always sought to reveal Himself to us. As it is said “In the beginning was the Word,” it shows that Christ has always wanted to communicate with us, to show us His love.

In verses 4-5, Jesus was described as the light. And where darkness is, light conquers. Therefore, just as light reaches out to every nook and cranny, Jesus reaches out to the very depths of our hearts and shines His light there.
This shows how much He loves us: no matter how much we have sinned if we let Jesus shine His light in our hearts, we have life in Him.

The Darkness rejects the light (vv. 10-13)

However, we find in verses 10-11 that the world that was made through Him rejected Him. How is that? It is because man’s heart was filled with darkness.
As Pastor Serge said,
“If you want to see the light, there will be more than enough life to see the light. But if you don’t want to see the light, then there will always be enough darkness for you not to see the light.”
As a believer, where are your eyes fixed now? Is it towards Jesus Christ who gives light or is it towards the world that had rejected Him?
Nevertheless, God still made a way for us to be in the light as it is written in verse 12. All we have to do is to receive Jesus Christ and believe in Him and we will become one of His own.
We will be called God’s children. We must contemplate this truth: Jesus, who existed before the creation, came to earth and became man. He was crucified and died, conquered death, and rose again. He did all this for you.
Only when we invite Jesus into our hearts and dwell in the light can we see how much God loves us.
Do you truly believe that He came for us? That He died for us?

The Greatness of Christ’s Grace vv. 14-18

The grace given by Christ will never be exhausted. Grace upon grace. What does this mean?
This means that wherever you are right now in your journey of life. And this further means that God’s loving-kindness, His forgiveness, His mercy, His acceptance towards us will never be empty.
God can always give us another chance and He can always give the light that He has promised us.
In verse 18, we learn that through Jesus, we can see God. He is the explanation of the Father. The greatness of Christ explains the greatness of the Father.
The greatness of Jesus’ love explains Father’s love. And the greatness of Christ’s grace is the explanation of Father’s grace.
If you want to come to the Father, come to Jesus.
Accepting Jesus is accepting God. And if you ask for forgiveness, God will forgive you because Jesus died for our sins.
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road to Emmaus

Walking with Jesus on the Emmaus Road: Fear, Faith and the Glory of Christ

road to Emmaus

“Luke 24:13-35 – Walking with Jesus on the Emmaus Road: Fear, Faith and the glory of Christ”

Have you ever tried praising and worshipping God when things went well? It was quite easy, wasn’t it?
What about in times when we are in trouble and it seems like help is NOT on the way? Or that things did not happen the way we expected them to?
Do we allow doubts and lies about God’s power and presence to cloud our thoughts? Do we draw near to Him, or move away?
In today’s sermon, Pastora Noreen Santos shares with us how Jesus proved that everything will fall into place according to the Scriptures. He showed it to those who were saddened and depressed by the events that took place a few days ago, on the cross.
And even when we go through the Emmaus road, Jesus will catch up with us and bring us back to the fold.

On the Road to Emmaus – Luke 24: 13-23

mountain road
One of the most loved stories after Jesus’ death and resurrection is found in the book of Luke.
This is the story of how Jesus appeared to two of His disciples who were on their way to Emmaus (a village 7 miles away from Jerusalem).
In another translation, Jesus ‘caught up with them. This means that Jesus had a reason why he appeared to them. He was interested in them and wanted to minister to them – just as he would want to do with us.
In the middle of their journey, Jesus joined them and struck up a conversation with them. But the disciples were so saddened and so lost because of Jesus’ death that they failed to recognize who it was.
And the dream of gaining freedom, albeit that is what they gained, died with Him at the cross. They thought they have lost. But it is the opposite. Jesus overcame death; and though we will die, we too shall rise with him.
This message should have brought joy to these disciples, but they were blinded by their unbelief.
This here reminds us that just because we don’t see or feel the presence of God, does not mean that He is not there. God is always there. He knows our hearts and hears our prayers. He will minister to us.
Does this ring true to you?

The power of focus – Luke 24:17-24

woman right fist
In these verses, we can see how the disciples were towards Jesus. They cannot believe that this stranger, who looked, acted, and talked like someone from Jerusalem, did not know what happened. They shared the event to Him but made this ‘Jesus’ a thing of the past, after his death.
If you look at the verses, the disciples knew the scriptures very well and they believed in the word of God – but only partially.
Ptra. Noreen quoted T. Robbins, “be careful on what you focus on… Where focus goes, energy flows.”
The disciples here focused on the negative side, their dream of redemption through Jesus died when He died on the cross. They have disregarded the good news of his resurrection. The very thing that would have made them glad, made them sad.
Do we do this too? Sadly, yes.
Ptra. Noreen says,
“Sometimes, we are overpowered by selective faith. We choose what to believe. We choose what to accept.”
But this should not be. The enemy may use the very word of God to discourage us, but we must hold on tight to His word. And whatever happens, He will fulfill his promises, in His perfect time.

The revelation of Jesus – Luke 24:25-27

This is where Jesus reveals himself through the scriptures. He expounded it and explained how these pointed towards Him.
This is where we see that in due time, Jesus will explain everything. God is ever so patient with us. He will wait for us until we fully understand what and why things are allowed to happen.

In connection to what he said “what things?” in Verse 19, Ptra. Noreen said, “as far as our God is concerned, He has already done what is best for us. We only have to wait at the right time.”

Wouldn’t that give us joy instead of sorrow? Confidence instead of fear? That instead of living a life with doubts and worries, we can live a life full of confidence in His promises.

God is waiting for us to invite Him – Luke 24:28-29

unknown person standing indoors
Here we see the verse “seemed…” and in another translation, “as if He (Jesus) was going farther…” and how did the disciples respond to this? “…they begged Him to stay.”
The disciples had invited him over. If we carefully look at John 3:16, we see there “… That whosoever believes in Him…” God may be the creator of the whole universe, but He still waits for us to invite Him into our hearts.
The late J. Hampton Keathley III said that “The Lord Jesus seeks to come into our lives, He stands at the door and knocks, but He does not force Himself in. we must invite Him and respond to His plans and methods.”
If we only know about Jesus, we would still be troubled and remain unchanged. But if we know Jesus and have fellowship with Him, our lives and perspectives will change.
Are you willing to invite him into your life?

Jesus broke the bread – Luke 24:30

Jesus was the one invited, but when they were at the table, He was the one who broke bread.
Instead of being the guest, He became the host.
This is how it would be when we invite him into our hearts. He will not be a guest, but the unseen host that would bring us to a fellowship where he would lead, teach, minister, feed, and sustain.
In our daily walk with Jesus, are we allowing Him to lead us? Do we allow Him to minister to us? Do we see him as our companion in our journey through life?

From despair to Faith – Luke 24:31-35

person standing on hill
At the start of this story, Jesus ‘caught up with them and started a conversation. He gently rebuked them for not fully believing the scriptures that they know so well. In their journey, he began a fellowship with them. And when they invited him in and He broke bread and gave it to them, the disciples finally saw Jesus for who he really is: the risen Christ!

In the intimacy of fellowship with Jesus, He reveals Himself to us – His provision and leading becomes clear.

And when the disciples recognized him, He disappeared. This is to show that fellowship with Him would not depend on our ability to see him but to take him up on His word.

When the disciples realized who he was, they immediately returned to Jerusalem and shared their testimony that they had fellowship with the risen Christ. They had doubted, but their minds were renewed. They had fear, but they received new courage. And they despaired but their faith was renewed in his resurrection.

Alfred McBride says that the Emmaus narrative concerns “the evolution of the awareness of the two disciples from despair over Christ’s death to faith in his resurrection.”
On the road to Emmaus, they have regained their hope in Jesus. In our journey, we also despair due to certain circumstances. We lose heart when things don’t happen as expected. But we must keep in mind that every trial is an opportunity to discover what God wants to reveal to us.
Like the two on the road to Emmaus, you don’t travel alone. God is with you. Even when you don’t see and feel His presence, He is always there. Are you willing to see Him?
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Fullness in life

Fullness in Life through the Resurrection of Christ

Fullness in life
What does fullness in life mean to us who are in Christ Jesus?
We are celebrating one of the most important events in Christianity today. This is the Sunday on which Jesus Christ rose again after sealing our salvation with His death: His resurrection.
And as we celebrate Resurrection Sunday, we reflect on what resurrection means to us. We evaluate its impact on our personal lives as Christians.
Let us ponder on the questions of Pastor Serge before we proceed,

“Are all of us living to the fact and to the truth that Jesus has resurrected from the dead? How does it play, how does it affect your daily living? Does it affect your daily decision? Most importantly, how does it affect every part of your life as far as resurrection of Jesus Christ is concerned?”

The Fullness of Life through the Resurrection of Christ

brown wooden bench in front of brown brick wall

It is very important for Christians to believe in the resurrection. Jesus conquered death and proved that there is life after death. Nonetheless, are we living a life that believes in the resurrection through Christ Jesus?

If Jesus was indeed resurrected, we must also believe that we cannot find any of His remains here on earth. This, aside from believing that He is alive in heaven.
His disciples were not resurrected. Religious leaders were also not resurrected. Above all, it is only Jesus who claimed that He will be crucified, buried, and after 3 days be resurrected all throughout history. And it was fulfilled.
Think about this – the remains of the great people in history are still here with us… all except the remains of Jesus.
This being said, what is the relationship of His resurrection to us having the fullness of life? 
As Pastor Serge has mentioned, “fullness of life is not only applicable here on earth but also in the afterlife.” We are able to live life to the fullest because deep down, we have the assurance that we belong to a risen Savior. We have the hope that we will have life after death (1 Cor 15:20).

The Implication of the Resurrection

In 1 Corinthians 15:19, Paul says “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.”
What does this mean to you? If our hope is only limited to this life we live right now, and if Jesus was not resurrected, then all that we do here is meaningless – it is in vain. Paul also said that “ If I fought wild beasts in Ephesus with no more than human hopes, what have I gained? If the dead are not raised,

“Let us eat and drink,
    for tomorrow we die.”[d]

What we are doing now: attending church, helping others, going through persecution because of our faith, and even for those who died because of their faith; if Jesus wasn’t resurrected all these are worthless.

But Jesus didn’t remain dead. He rose from the dead! And with that, we have the beautiful hope in Him that we too shall rise from the dead in glorious bodies and spend eternity with him. With this truth, we have a deeper purpose of living our lives.

The Imperatives of the Resurrection


Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 15:33-34, “33 Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”[a] 34 Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God—I say this to your shame.”
This is the time when there were people who started to believe the false teachings that there was no resurrection, thus no life after death for the believers. But Paul commanded them to stop entertaining these thoughts in their minds and hearts. It led them to commit immoral actions. Paul reminded them that knowing and believing in God is the right way of living.
We should live a life that shows we rose with him because we believe in the truth that Jesus was raised from the dead.
When we talk, think, or do things, it should be a reflection of a new life we have in Jesus: to live a life in obedience through the Gospel.
What are the things that we need to keep in mind?

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Bad company corrupts good character.”


Whether you like it or not, the people you surround yourself with have an influence on you. You have to be careful in choosing the company that you keep. You should remember that departure from your Christian beliefs is departing from your Christian behavior. What kind of company do you surround yourself with? Do they inspire you to be a better Christian or do they fill your heads with doubts about your faith and your salvation?

1 Corinthians 15:34 “Come back to your senses as you ought…”


You must not forget your true identity even when surrounded by unbelievers. You are who you are right now because of your identity in Christ. Our relationship with Him identifies who we are. We live in this dying world, and we sometimes commit mistakes or experience a lot of hardships, but we must remember that no matter what happens, our identity remains in Him. We are the sons and daughters of the living God. Do you still remember who you are?

1 Corinthians 15:34 “…stop sinning”

When you remember who you are in Christ, you choose to live your life in a righteous way. You are sons and daughters of the living God.
You may still stumble and sin, but through Jesus’ resurrection, you believe that there is an invisible power in you that can help you overcome the trials in life.
To live life to the fullest is to believe in Jesus’ resurrection. We may be living in a dying world, but we have the hope that we will rise again just like our risen Savior.  
Should we keep this good news to ourselves? No!
Let us go in obedience and share the good news of life after death found only in Jesus!
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