Mission Trip at Bulan, Sorsogon

DAY 1: Feeding Program


Day 2: Church Service

Day 2: Dinner with Pastors


Part I: Inspiration

Discover where we got the scriptures through this sermon. We will take a journey through the history and uncover powerful insights into the written word of God. 


Txt Msg: New Sermon Series

In our new sermon series, we will deeper look into the written Word of God. We will examine our beliefs about the Bible. It is our desire that as we explore this topic, our hearts would be moved to spend quality time studying the Bible and interacting with God through His word. 


Mother’s Day Celebration

We want to thank all the workers, staff and volunteers who have worked hard to make this year’s Mother’s Day Celebration a success. It is our joy to see our community thriving in love, joy and unity. Our hearts are full. Let us keep doing better and better, JRM-Vallejo family!

Here are some of the photos from the event!


God Made Us Alive with Christ

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is central to our beliefs. In fact, even Paul said in Corinthians that if Christ was not raised from the dead, then the preaching of the Gospel is pointless. 
Through the death of Jesus, we were all redeemed. We were saved from our sinful nature and all its consequences. We were lifted from the grave of hopelessness and despair. However, the story does not end here. On the third day, Chris was raised from the dead. Death was conquered as well. 
Through Jesus, we are offered to live to the fullest. We get to walk on this earth being recognized as sons and daughters of God. We received a special position where we can cry, “Abba!” We have access to His heart and hear his heart beat. We are now partners with Him in establishing His Kingdom on this planet. 
Our prayer for today is for you to walk on the path God has paved for all of us, Christians — a life flowing from the resurrection power that conquered death in all its forms.