Mission Trip at Bulan, Sorsogon

DAY 1: Feeding Program


Day 2: Church Service

Day 2: Dinner with Pastors


Illumination: How the Truth of the Scripture is Revealed to Our Hearts

Welcome to Part III of the series Txt Msg. Our topic for this Sunday is Illumination: How the Truth of the Scripture is Revealed to Our Hearts. May the Truth bring light to our hearts and bring us closer to our Savior! 


Tarrying Nights July 2019

Can you believe it? We’re on our third Tarrying Nights this year! We are inviting the #JRMVALLEJO fam to join us in these 3 nights of spending time with the Lord in worship, prayer and fellowship. You can’t miss this! 🔥


Part II: Canonization

Have you ever wondered why we have these set of writings compiled as our Bible? In the first part of this series, we have taken the historical journey of the inspired word of God. In this series, we will discuss how the books we have today were chosen to be a part of the Bible.


Part I: Inspiration

Discover where we got the scriptures through this sermon. We will take a journey through the history and uncover powerful insights into the written word of God. 


Txt Msg: New Sermon Series

In our new sermon series, we will deeper look into the written Word of God. We will examine our beliefs about the Bible. It is our desire that as we explore this topic, our hearts would be moved to spend quality time studying the Bible and interacting with God through His word. 


Easter Sunday Celebration

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the crucial points in our Christian faith. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, all our faith is in vain. We can create a long list of influential leaders who have had a great impact in this world. They have built empires, religion, established kingdoms and long years of peace. Yet, none of them were able to conquer death.
Everything that Jesus has spoken relies on this one moment in history. His resurrection has sparked a new day in our relationship with God. Through this, the last enemy has been defeated. The life we live today rests in the finished work of our savior.

Here are some of our photos from our Easter Sunday Celebration Worship Service:

Here are some of our photos from the Easter Egg Hunt:



I AM the Vine

We are on the last leg in the series I AM Jesus. Don’t miss this Sunday’s sermon. It’s going to be powerful! 


Women’s LifeGroup Breakfast

All women at our church are welcome to join our Women’s LifeGroup Breakfast this Saturday, April 27, 2019. See you all, sisters in Christ! 


Men’s LifeGroup

Let’s keep building our Men Community here at JRM-Vallejo though our Men’s LifeGroup! See you this Friday, brothers!