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Serving the Community with Coffee and Prayer

3 John 1:5
Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the friends, even though they are strangers to you; they have testified to your love before the church.

Entertaining strangers is not a new concept in the bible. Throughout scripture, we see examples of the people of God being encouraged to be good to strangers, welcoming them and being hospitable to them.

Service is the core concept of Coffee and Prayer. For a few hours on a chosen date, teams of volunteers from Jesus Reigns Ministries Vallejo set up a booth where coffee is brewed and prayers are offered  to those who want to be prayed for.

In the morning of July 29, 2017, the Men’s Ministry spearheaded the Coffee and Prayer. Along with the other volunteers from the church, a booth was set up at Seafood City Parking Lot in Vallejo. Seeing brothers and sisters work together is a beautiful sight! It warms the heart and ignites the heart for service to God and the community. 
Besides entertaining strangers, the members of the
church who participate get the chance to bond, to
encourage, and to strengthen one another in Christ.

If you are within the Vallejo Area, watch out for our booth set up within Seafood City Parking Lot. If you are from Jesus Reigns Ministries Vallejo Family, be a part of this opportunity to serve the community through Coffee and Prayer!

We are still in need of volunteers for setting up the booth, in preparing coffee, and people who will be praying for those asking for coffee. Don’t hesitate to approach Bro. Gilbert at gilbert.quintela@gmail.com, call (707) 653-6351 or sign up as a volunteer here. 

If you feel even just a slight tug in your heart for this work, volunteer today. Your help is very much welcome and appreciated. See you!


VBS 2017: Created by God for a Purpose

“What am I supposed to do with my life?” 
This is one of the most crucial questions we will ask ourselves in this life. If you ask the kids, purpose is not an abstract concept. It may be one of the many things they are already doing or are dreaming of doing. 
Knowing our purpose is a journey each one of us will have to take – but not necessarily alone. As this year’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) theme teaches the children, knowing one’s purpose begins with knowing one’s Creator, the Master Designer, the Father whose love is unfailing and whose plans are good. Being connected with God creates a whole new perspective on our why’s. 
Along the journey, we will discover that our gifts, talents, and skills will have their ultimate use through being involved in a community. We are not meant to be alone. We have to grow in faith and in service with the people around us.
This year’s VBS has brought us so much joy! We hope to share that joy with you. Check the photos from this year’s VBS below.
You may reach out to hhabacon@jesusreigns.today for copies of your picture or your kid’s picture. God bless you!


Father’s Day Appreciation Post

Last week, we celebrated the life of Fathers all over the world. We remembered their joys and pains; their trials and successes. 

Being a father is not an easy task. However, it is also one of the most rewarding jobs a man will have.

God, in many ways, have illustrated His relationship with us to that of a Father and his children. He has designed the role of the fathers as a glimpse of His heart for His people.

Jesus Reigns Ministries Church in Vallejo celebrates the life of Fathers. We honor all the Fathers in JRM family. We thank the fathers who have been a part of this church. Fathers who in their own way, dedicated their lives to grow into the love and grace of God.

We want you to know that we appreciate all the time you have invested in the Kingdom. We appreciate you for sharing your skills and talents to help in the ministry God has entrusted to us at JRM Vallejo. Most importantly, we thank you because through you, we get a glimpse of the heart of God. The way you take care of your family, the way you demonstrate love and care, has given us a chance to understand the heart of our Father in Heaven.

Thank you, Fathers!


We also want to thank all those people who have spent time and resources to make Father’s Day at JRM memorable.

We want to thank the Women’s Ministry, especially Sis.Kim Abuan,
for the tasty barbecue, also Sis.Lea Magpantay.


Thanks to the Children’s Ministry, headed by sis.Cindie Badua. There’s no feeling greater than seeing the children exerting effort to express appreciation for the fathers.

Lastly, we want to thank the Youth, headed by bro.Jon Badua, for the heartwarming presentation. And of course, Sis.Heidi Anne Ilan for spending time to make the presentation possible.

Events like this prove our bond as a community of believers in Vallejo. We are humbled and at the same proud to be in Jesus Reigns Ministries Church in Vallejo, loving our city with Christ, one person, one family and one community at a time.

Please share to everyone in Jesus Reigns Ministries Church in Vallejo Family.



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