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Sermon of the Week: Next Steps

We are excited to hear Ptr.Haydee Ilan preach about the next topic in the ” Follow Jesus Series”!
The christian life is a life-long journey. We endure and persevere in our faith as we hold on to the promises God has for our lives, families, communities, cities and nations. However, this journey involves ups and downs. Some of our greatest victories might spring from our most difficult battles. 
There may be times that we feel we are trapped, stuck or simply lost. Fear not! God will provide a way out of your difficult situation. You are a victor because of Christ!


Tarrying Nights October 2018

We are at the last quarter of the year! So many things have happened and we are excited for what is to come.
For this quarter, let us remember how God has been faithful, how He has always been with us every step of the way. Let us thank Him for the requests He answered and the wonderful things He has promised us. Let us keep hoping for the dreams God has placed in our hearts. 
We are inviting you to join this October 17, 18 and 19 for our Tarrying Nights. Discover the joy that comes from experiencing the presence of God and the power of corporate prayer! 


Happening Tonight at JRM-Valllejo

We are introducing a new series for our Discovery Life Group! This series will discuss the Seven Feasts of the Lord. It features a series of teachings on how these feasts from the old testament paint a picture of Jesus. 
Through these topics, the group will have a glimpse of the Father’s heart and His longing to save mankind through His Son, Jesus. 
Join us tonight if you are within the area. Follow our Facebook page for more details and announcements.