Church Staff

Noreen & Serge
Head of Maturity Department & Senior Pastor
Serge Santos serves as Senior Pastor of Jesus Reigns Ministries in Vallejo, California. Noreen his wife serves as head of Maturiy Department
Serge has been a church pastor in the Vallejo area for over 6 years, He and his wife, Noreen , reside in Fairfield, Ca along with their 3 children Erika, Hannah and Jason
Senior Pastor – Teaching/Leadership – Counseling – Elder Board – Ministry/Maturity Team
Noreen Santos – Maturity/Bible Teacher
Tess and Roman
Head of the Mission Team & Church Auditor
Tess is the head of the Mission Team. She is married to Roman with two children Stephanie and Sophia. Roman is currently the Church Auditor. The family resides in Vallejo, Ca.
Tess Oracion: Director/Board Member – Teaching/Leadership – Counseling; Roman Oracion: Church Auditor/Mission Team
Ricky and Marivic
Associate Pastor
Marivic is serving in the capacity of Associate Pastor. Pastor Marivic heads the Membership Team. She is Married to Bro. Ricky (Felix) Villegas and they live in Vallejo, California.
Assciate Pastor – Teaching/Leadership – Counseling
Nayda Villegas
Head of Magnification Team
She is serving as the head of Magnification Team, She is Married with Jhun Villegas and they live with there 3 children Frank, CJ & Carmen. They live in Vallejo, Ca
Magnification/Praise and Worship/Arts and Drama
Vivian Omanito
Head of the Church Youth Group
Vivian serves as Head of the church youth group
Jessie Oyco
Head of Facilites Management Group
Jessie is serving as Head of Facilites Management Group – Maintaining the church physical assets and building maintenance.