God Made Us Alive with Christ

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is central to our beliefs. In fact, even Paul said in Corinthians that if Christ was not raised from the dead, then the preaching of the Gospel is pointless. 
Through the death of Jesus, we were all redeemed. We were saved from our sinful nature and all its consequences. We were lifted from the grave of hopelessness and despair. However, the story does not end here. On the third day, Chris was raised from the dead. Death was conquered as well. 
Through Jesus, we are offered to live to the fullest. We get to walk on this earth being recognized as sons and daughters of God. We received a special position where we can cry, “Abba!” We have access to His heart and hear his heart beat. We are now partners with Him in establishing His Kingdom on this planet. 
Our prayer for today is for you to walk on the path God has paved for all of us, Christians — a life flowing from the resurrection power that conquered death in all its forms. 


21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

For this month of August, we launched a 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Chain. Through this journey, we are calling everyone within the community of JRM-Vallejo to intentionally engage in focused prayer by skipping at least one meal a day and praying for the items listed below. 
We have seen how God responds to prayer. We know that our Father listens to our voices and our hearts. We believe that in this journey, God will sustain our desire for a deeper encounter with Him and will cause our hearts to have a greater longing for His presence in all the aspects of our lives. 
Oh how we love Your presence, Abba!


Never Stop Praying

The phrase “Never Stop Praying” is a popular motto among the believers of Jesus. We usually see it on bumper stickers or cafe walls from time to time. We see it printed on shirts and posted on Facebook as a cover photo. The idea of non-stop praying is nothing new. It has been said by Paul in a different way when he encouraged the church in Thessalonica to “pray without ceasing.”
Prayer is not only about asking God to bless us and protect us. Prayer is simply a manifestation of a relationship, a connection. When our hearts try to talk to God about anything, it is prayer. When we express our gratitude to Him, it is prayer. 
Brother Lawrence, a 17th-century Carmelite monk,  is remembered for the intimacy he expressed concerning his relationship to God as recorded in a book compiled after his death, The Practice of the Presence of God. Despite his lowly position, the wisdom he possessed was respected by many. He encouraged many to keep conversing with God no matter how small the task is and no matter how dull some moments are. 
To “never stop praying” is to practice the presence of God. It is to live consciously that God is in us and with us all the time, every moment of the day. When He said that we will be with Him for eternity, He did not mean that eternity will start when we die. 
Never stop praying! Let us keep declaring that things will happen on earth as it is in heaven. 


Draw Near

God is never early nor late. He is always on time. He has a perfect plan for each of us as individuals and the world as a whole. 

In the book of Ecclesiastes, the author emphasized the times and the seasons for many things,  time for the sun to rise and a time for it to set. 

We all love it when God intervenes instantly. In the bat of an eye, a miracle or an answer to a prayer is given. However, there are times that we need to lean on God and trust Him that His answer will come on the most appropriate time. 

This is where we all need to learn to tarry in His presence. 

Learning to wait on God and enjoying being with Him in prayer teaches us a lot of things.

First, it allows us to put our complete trust in Him. God is indeed knowable but incomprehensible. His ways are not our ways. When we wait on Him, we acknowledge that His plan is what’s best for us. 

Next, waiting on God teaches us to enjoy spending time with Him in prayer. There are times when we struggle to pray for at least five minutes. One of the reasons for this is we only pray to get done with our prayer list. When we learn to commune with Him, we stop looking at prayer as a duty but more like a date, something we anticipate. 

This leads to our last point. Waiting on God develops our intimacy with Him. We stop focusing on what we can get from His hands, we start gazing on His face. We bask at His beauty. We begin longing for His voice, for Him to speak to us. 

Why worry when you can tarry in His presence? Why force His hand when we can commune with Him and talk with Him face to face? Draw near to God and you will find Him nearer, close enough to hear your heart beat.  



Why Tarry?

The meaning of the word tarry means “to delay”, “to linger in expectation”, or “to wait”. It also means to abide or stay in or at a place. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/tarry)

According to www.blueletterbible.org, this word appears in occurs 51 times in 50 verses in the KJV.

The idea of waiting is not new in the bible. Throughout time, God’s people have had periods of tarrying. Whether it involves waiting for an answer to a prayer or to simply spend a little more time with God, waiting on God always involves a reward. It is His pleasure to “reward those who diligently seek him”. Heb 11:6

Here at Jesus Reigns Ministries Vallejo, we have adapted to the culture of tarrying. Every quarter of the year, we set aside time to pray and fast as a congregation. We do our best to rally our JRM-Vallejo family to embrace the idea of spending time sitting at His feet and having either a conversation with Him or simply enjoying His presence.

So many things can be learned through tarrying. Please stay tuned for our next couple of entries focused on answers to the question, “Why tarry?”


He is Alive, He has Risen!

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the core of Christianity. Without this, Jesus was merely a man sentenced to death.

Moses was an instrument for Israel’s deliverance from the hands of Pharaoh, yet he died. David was a powerful warrior, yet he died. His son, Solomon, was among the wealthiest and the wisest in history, yet he died.

Here comes Jesus, whose life and death challenged a nation. His tomb was sealed and was guarded by soldiers. He spoke so much truth while he was alive that the high officials of the time conspired to sentence Him to death. There was one thing left to fully put his messianic claims to rest: He must remain dead.

Yet, He lived.

“Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

Jesus has risen from the dead. Death could not hold him down! We, the believers, rest on this truth: our Savior is alive! We feel our hearts burn when we communed with Him. His presence in our lives pushes us to know Him more and make Him known.

May we remain true to the reason why we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. This is not just another family day for parents to relax and the kids to have fun. This is the day we affirm our faith in the resurrection of Jesus. This is the day we remind ourselves how Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before Him: the reconciliation of man with God. Because of His resurrection, God is able to manifest heaven through us while we are on the earth.

Oh how He loves us!


Darkness Can’t Conquer Light

During storms, some things are unavoidable. At one moment, we are inside the comforts of our homes, waiting for the storm to pass, then in the blink of an eye, we are covered in darkness — power outage.
It is amazing how quickly the darkness surrounds us in the absence of light. On the other hand, no matter how small the light is, as long as it stays lit, darkness cannot overcome it. John 1:15 says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” 
It is not about the great darkness that surrounds us. It is about how long the light stays on. 
A simple encouragement for us today:
Overcoming is not about keeping the darkness away, it is about keeping the fire. 
Dear Lord,
Today, we ask for the courage not to fight the darkness but to keep ourselves on fire.
May our hearts be tender before You so that we may hear Your voice and walk on
Your ways. 
In Jesus’ Name,


Loving Our City with Christ

Love is the core of Christianity. It is the center of what we do, why we exist, and why we persist.
In this year’s anniversary, we focused on rallying the church to “Love our City with Christ”. This is a call and a challenge for all believers to get out of our comfort zones and to intentionally go to the different corners of the city to demonstrate the Love of Christ.

Church Vision

It is our vision “To love our city with Christ; one person, one family and one community at a time”. JRM-Vallejo is a family of believers whose goal is to explore the love of Christ and share it to the world. From this vision statement, we can get three important things.

The Love of Christ

Embracing our vision is not about lining up activity after activity in hopes of increasing our numbers. To embrace our vision means to get soaked in the Love of Christ. It means that we find time to stay rooted and grounded in love. To love our city with Christ is to expand our hearts to receive greater measures of His love.

The Power of One

Another aspect of our vision is the unlimited possibilities of ONE. Throughout history, we have seen God single out men and women to address a spiritual crisis and bring revival. In fact, our leaders are examples of how God molds a person for a specific task that involves a lot of people.

To love our city with Christ means we honor and respect one another, the stranger, our neighbor – everyone. Everyone counts! We start appreciating each person as one whom God has lavished His love on. We see through immaturities hold up the destiny God has for each person.

The Ripple Effect
The thing is, each one has so much potential the possibilities are endless. Who knows, the next person you might witness to is called to reach unreached people groups in the world.

This is the time for us, JRM-Vallejo! Let us look for opportunities to demonstrate the love of our Savior. Little acts of kindness count! Find time in your schedule and be intentional about it. Shalom!


Senior’s Life Group

Click this to watch the video.

It is such great joy to see the Senior’s Life group flourish through the efforts of our dear Ptra. Irenea Elec.

In one of their gatherings early this month of December, more than 30 residents gathered together to worship the Lord, listen to the preaching of His Word, and and enjoy fellowship with one another.

Special thanks to bro.Teddy Garcia, George Oyco for helping out on this event. A big thanks to ptra.Noreen Santos for sharing the Word of God that day.

Looking forward to a better and greater 2018 for our Seniors’ Life Group!  


Wednesday Prayer Meeting

Every Wednesday at 7:30pm, the church gathers for a prayer meeting. This is the time we spend as a congregation to discover God’s heart through prayer and to stand in the gap  for our families, communities, cities and nations.
It is such pure joy to hear the chorus of believers praying and interceding. Believers agreeing in prayer is a powerful act. It is the promise of Jesus, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  Matthew 18:20
Our hope is for more people to realize the need for and the joy of prayer meetings. By joining believers in prayer, we not only lift up our voices in behalf of the people and institutions we pray for but we also strengthen our inner man through fellowship with the body of Christ. 
Here’s to more rooms filled with people praying!